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7 Steps to Leaflet Success

Here at Creative Art, we have been printing many products for our clients for many, many years now. This means that we have seen a lot of leaflets throughout our years within the business, so we have been able to pick up what works and what doesn鈥檛 work. This is why we thought we鈥檇 write this blog, to outline the 7 key steps to leaflet succes! So, is it time for you to reconnect with your existing customers? Perhaps you are looking to generate more brand awareness and try to make contact with new potential clients? Well, no matter what you are looking to do, Creative Art have got you covered. Follow these 7 steps to leaflet success and ensure that people spend their money with you and not your competitors.

Step 1 – Short & Clear Headline

The first step to leaflet success is a short and clear headline. People tend to read from the top down when reading a leaflet, so it is important to get your message across as quickly as possible. If a leaflet is cluttered from the start it tends to put people off and can potentially cause them to not use your services when they are in need. It takes approximately 3 seconds for a person to decide whether or not they want to keep reading, so it is important to catch their eye quickly. A long winded, cluttered headline can be really off-putting to both existing and potential clients, so why risk it? Get in contact with Creative Art today to find out how we can assist you with all of your leaflet needs!

Step 2 – Headline Placement

Headline placement is one of the most important things when creating a leaflet. You need to make sure that your headline is placed perfectly to ensure that people can easily see it and also make sure that your brilliant headline doesn鈥檛 get hidden by the rack display (if it is being displayed on a rack, that is). A well positioned headline can make a huge difference to your marketing and can even persuade people to pick up or read more of your leaflet if it is eye catching and appealing enough. Here at Creative Art, we can help you with your leaflet marketing campaigns, we are fantastic and skilled printers who go the extra mile for each and every one of our customers.

Step 3 – Striking Images

A striking image is one of the easiest ways to catch someone’s attention. When people are walking past your leaflet, they don鈥檛 usually tend to register words, so a big, eye catching image is the best thing to use in order to get their attention and persuade them to pick up your leaflet. If you are handing your leaflets out to people, let鈥檚 say on the local high street, a big image will work well to catch their eye and possibly coax them into reading more about your business and your services. This is a brilliant way to generate brand awareness because if you use your own pictures and have them printed, it enables the customer to see just what your business is all about as soon as they lay eyes on your leaflet.

Step 4 – Logo Placement

Logo placement is important to any leaflet. A lot of businesses are tempted to stick the logo at the top in order to grab the customer鈥檚 attention, but this shouldn鈥檛 be done. If your leaflet is printed well enough and is of a high quality (which the leaflets from Creative Art certainly are), then the person will want to carry on reading your leaflet, regardless of whether or not they can see your logo straight away. Placing your logo at the bottom of the leaflet will enable people who are genuinely interested in your services to find your company name and logo. Also, we鈥檙e sure that all of our clients have magnificent logos, but if yours is a bit outdated, placing it right at the top can be a bit off putting, whereas if it is at the bottom, as stated previously, people who are already interested will be less put off by the dated logo.

Step 5 – Use a Time Bound Offer

Using a time bound offer or discount is a brilliant way to get customer interaction with your business, I mean, who can resist a discount?! Offering people discounts can draw in a lot of revenue for your company and can get a lot more people interested in your services. You should always remember to set a discount finish date however, to stop people from taking advantage of your offers, as this could potentially lead to your company losing money, instead of gaining it. At Creative Art, we are determined to help your business make money and further your outreach to both existing and potential clients.

Step 6 – Use The Back

Using the space on the back of your leaflet is a fantastic way to ensure maximum customer outreach. It is also a brilliantly place to expand on the offer you have placed on your leaflet (if you have done)! It allows people to read more about your services and find out a bit more information on what your business is all about, so we think this is a brilliant tip to use. If utilised correctly, it can grab the reader鈥檚 attention just enough so that they keep the leaflet and use it when they are in need of your services.

Step 7 – Let Customers Know What To Do

Lastly, the best thing to do after you have utilised all of the other tips effectively, is to let the customer know what to do next. After all, if they are interested in your services or the discount that you have offered but are unsure how to actually use the information given to properly utilise your services, then it is pointless even having a leaflet campaign. The best thing to do is to print a short and clear instruction on the bottom of your leaflet explaining to the customer how best to go about claiming the discount. Also, your contact information such as your company name, address, email and phone number should be on the leaflet too, so they can get in touch with you if they need to claim the discount (perhaps if you are an online only business and they cannot travel down to your premises to claim the offer).

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