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Add Value to your Marketing with Stickers

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Add Value to your Marketing with Stickers

Stickers and labels can often be an underused tool when it comes to promoting your business. For many companies, stickers can sometimes appear to look cheap and in turn this may be thought to devalue your brand. But this isn鈥檛 always the case, when you invest in quality stickers and labels, you can do so much for your brand and your marketing.

Stickers can come in all sorts of shapes and size and are suitable for so many different jobs including address labels, name badges, product labels or even window stickers. With so many uses for stickers and labels, it鈥檚 easy to see how they can play a role in adding value to your brand.

Continue reading to find out the benefits that labels and stickers can bring to your marketing campaign.

Multiple Uses

Stickers come in many shapes and sizes and can be used with many marketing tools to promote your brand. The versatility of this brings huge benefit to choosing stickers as an effective marketing tool. Stickers can be placed on almost anything from vehicles and windows, to leaflets, flyers and printed brochures. If you are planning a print focused promotional campaign, stickers can be a worthwhile addition in supporting your campaign goals across multiple platforms.

Provide Information

The use of labels and stickers can become a great way to provide additional information for your customers. A sticker can be used to highlight key information that may enhance the possibility of sale. Things like contact details, key product/service details can all be included on a sticker to make them more visible to your customers.聽Price stickers are also effective and inform users of the price of you product. Using colour with your stickers can really make them stand out and get your message across.

Get Creative

If you want to make a bold statement, stickers and flyers can be a great way of letting your creative juices flow. Use stickers to enhance your offering by creating a unique message that will stand out. Being creative in where you place your sticker can also have a great impact. If you are using stickers on a brochure, consider inserting them inside the brochure to grab the reader鈥檚 attention as they read through your offering. When getting creative with stickers, it鈥檚 important to ensure you create something that will work with your brand, think about colours and font.

Affordable and Long Term

A main advantage of both stickers and labels is their cost. They can be relatively cheap and affordable means of getting your message in front of your customers. Our range of printed stickers starts from as little as 1p, a tiny investment for such a versatile and resourceful tool

The low cost of stickers means it can sometimes be worth printing large quantities to use again in the future. If you are printing a generic sticker that can be used on any of your printed literature or merchandise, then you can get years out of your stickers for a relatively low price. A generic sticker that highlights your brand can also be used long term across multiple campaigns.

Call to Action

Another way to get the most out of stickers and labels is to consider using them as a direct call to action. Print a voucher code or promotional offer on a sticker and add it to a flyer to monitor the response of your offer. It can also be a good way to highlight any special offers you may have on products instore, encouraging customers to purchase the product or seek further information.

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