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Effective Signage for your Business

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Signage is so ingrained in our collective minds that most of the time we go about our daily activities without even knowing they are there. They direct us, remind us and sometimes even inspire us to make decisions each day. For local small businesses, they are a priceless way to establish an identity and gain new customers.

Signs attract new customers and alert them that you exist. Recent surveys found that many customers would have never found a business unless they had seen its sign.

The Most Affective Form of Advertising for your Business

The Benefits of Custom-Made Signs for your Business

Having signs custom made for your business offers several advantages. Not only will your business stand out with its unique signage, but you can also be specific about what message your signs send to your potential customer. Below we鈥檝e listed some of our top benefits of Sign makers.

Build your Brand

Signs are a huge part of marketing. Not only do they alert potential customers to your existence, but they also help form an initial impression in viewers鈥?minds. Take this opportunity to use your company鈥檚 custom-made business signs to build your image and turn your company into a brand. Weave your company鈥檚 personality into the colours and graphics on your signage. This will help grab the attention of your target demographic. Finally, make sure you continue building your brand using similar imagery on your business cards, brochures, and website. Customers will appreciate being able to identify your company鈥檚 brand through multiple marketing outlets.

Create a Perfect Fit

When you have signs custom made for your business, you probably have a good idea of where that sign will be located upon completion. Location is everything, and you鈥檒l want to create a sign that fits in with its surroundings, whether you鈥檙e looking to create storefront signs, monument signs, or illuminated signs. Take advantage of a custom-made sign design by choosing a size and shape that is appropriate for its location and will be most likely to gain viewers鈥?attention in the right way.

Make an Investment with High Returns

Are you concerned that a custom-made sign will be more expensive than something in the one-size-fits-all category? Custom signs and banners tend to pay for themselves, as they increase traffic to your location and thus boost your sales rates. Remember, the first impression is the most important鈥攍et yours shine by investing in unique signage.

Improve your Signs with Illumination

As the sign is such an important feature of your business鈥檚 branding, enhancing it with lighting could help you to get more out of your signage and attract more customers to your premises.


One of the main reasons that businesses opt to light their signs is visibility. There鈥檚 no denying that a sign which is brightly lit up through the night is more visible than those without illumination. Even on dark, grey days and winter afternoons, a little bit of lighting can make a big difference and could give your company an edge over the local competition. Once your sign is installed, check the illumination levels to ensure the bulbs are bright enough for optimum visibility.


Lighting your sign throughout the night can help to lend your business an extra air of professionalism. Passers-by will see that you鈥檙e not cutting corners when it comes to making your business visible and that you take brand awareness seriously. If your business is new, it can also help to reassure some customers that you鈥檙e not a fly-by-night organisation and are in fact here to stay.


If you鈥檝e put a lot of time and effort into creating a sign that perfectly illustrates your company personality, illuminating it can be a great way to get your brand message across and make the most of all that hard work. Lighting your sign can even help to give your business a little more personality as it can bring out various elements of your design and help to draw attention to your text, your font and your colour scheme.


Last but definitely not least, Last but definitely not least, lighting your sign can be good for security. Not only will the extra illumination around your premises help to deter opportunistic thieves, leaving the sign lit all night can make it harder for would-be burglars to work out if there鈥檚 anyone onsite and therefore make it less likely they鈥檒l attempt a break in.

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