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How to Design an Effective Letterhead

When it comes to creating the perfect letterhead for you company, it鈥檚 important that you try to come across as professional as possible to external clients, as well as your employees and competitors. It鈥檚 also important to make sure that your letterhead stands out as well as ensuring the details are correct. Take a look at our top tips to produce the perfect letterhead for your business鈥?/p>

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This rule applies here, if you overdo your design, it鈥檚 likely to detract from what鈥檚 written on your customer stationery. A simple design will also be easier to remember, if you think your letterhead is overdesign, it probably is, so try to simplify it. This also goes for the colour, an overly colourful design is likely to detract from your message.

Consider its use

In this day and age, most things are becoming digital, so it鈥檚 important to bear this in mind and ensure that your letterhead is adaptable. There鈥檚 no longer the need for letterheads which are just consistent for print media and printed letters, they need to work for emails too. Try to make all of your marketing materials matching, this will also strengthen your brand message.

Promote your brand

Branding plays a key role in all marketing activities and promote consistency to ensure you build your brand effectively. Ensure your logo is prominent in your letterhead as well as maintaining any other key branding features, as well as your house colours and font, this is essential to establish and build your branding.


Having your letterheads printed professionally will give you other options, as to those you would get from just printing the design directly from your word processor. You can choose the type and thickness of paper to make sure that your stationery is of adequate quality, if you aren鈥檛 used to creating artistic design, or you鈥檇 like some assistance with the design and printing of your letterhead, look no further than Creative Art our professional and experienced in house designers and printers have you covered!


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