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Promotional Merchandise

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When it comes to brand recognition, promotional products are always a popular choice, using branded products are beneficial when it comes to marketing campaigns and increasing your brand awareness. While we understand that a lot of marketing is carried out digitally, branded merchandise can compliment your marketing strategy.

Brand Recognition

Promotional products, such as pens, highlighters, mugs and bags to name a few, have longevity. Promotional merchandise can run alongside your businesses digital marketing campaign, and bring your company into the real world. Research has been carried out, that shows, people tend to keep hold of promotional products for 12 months or longer, resulting in increased brand awareness for the recipient and those around the product.

Develops Customer Loyalty

When a business gift a customer with something that is unexpected, the recipient will potentially feel positive emotions towards your business and brand. Giving customers promotional merchandise increase customers levels of appreciation more so than general print and digital marketing does. Not only this but some promotional items such as pens, note pads, USB sticks, are useful and used by consumers on a daily basis.

Endless options

If you are considering using promotional merchandise to increase your brand awareness the options really are endless, mugs and pens are great but with today’s modern technology there is a whole host of different merchandise you can consider:

    • Tech Products – power banks and speakers
    • Branded Playing Cards
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    • USB Sticks
    • Keyrings
    • and many more

When to Use Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise can be used at any time, you may want to give it out when someone has visited your business, or you may want to hand branded merchandise out when you attend business exhibitions or events. A lot of companies take branded merchandise with them to networking events, and as well as giving them out, receive them too, which can help to develop positive working relationships with other businesses in the local area and potentially increase new enquiries for yourself.

To make the most out of the promotional products you decide to use for your business, it is always best to keep them professional, as professionalism is key when it comes to creating a strong and reputable brand.

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