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Here at Creative Art Ltd we specialise in both the design and print of business stationery for companies not just in Hornchurch or Essex but nationwide. A key point to note is that every time you send out a letter headed document, a flyer, compliment slips or business cards you are representing your company. By using us here at Creative Art Ltd we are guaranteeing your company is represented with the highest quality stationery.


Business stationery is a fundamental part of any business and is always the first point of marketing for any company large or small. With Creative Art Ltd we offer a wide range of stationery options for our customers in Hornchurch, Essex and even nationwide. Anything from business cards to letterheads and brochures to NCR pads we believe we have every angle covered.

Should you be looking to expand on your stationery arsenal why not give us a call and discuss your options as there may be something you can brand that you never thought about helping your business expand further.

Creative Art offer Business Stationery printing throughout Hornchurch, Romford, Brentwood, Dagenham, and other parts of Essex.


Compliment Slips are an informal mode of communication for a company and its clients. These are used in place of formal letters. The compliment slips have the same information as the letterhead. It is used for building good business relationships with the clients in the industry. These are used to substitute formal means of reply, like formal letters etc. Online printing of complement slips involves selecting the right text to be printed on the compliment slip. For this, it should be kept in mind for what purpose the compliment slip is written, and what is the type of organization. For example, in an organization dealing with trendy goods, a compliment slip should exude the same creativity and style. For a more conservative organization, the online printing of the compliment slip should be done in a formal, business like manner.

In response to a request for catalogue or price list, a compliment slip may be enclosed instead of a formal letter. It will have the same information as the letter, and helps in improving public relations.

A compliment slip can be of any type or size, depending on the need or purpose. This could be of a business card size or of larger size, as desired by the user. Online printing on a compliment slip is done keeping in mind the purpose of the slip. These are basically for building public relations, and hence a positive impression has to be made on the person. For this, a compliments slip is designed in an attractive but official manner. Other aspects of online printing of compliment slips involve the style of printing. Since compliment slips are informal, these can be a bit off the regular styles, and be creative. These can also be made attractive by using various colours, and coloured inks. Since the compliment slips are for building and maintaining good business relations, these should be cordial in appeal.

As the name suggests, a compliment slip is for complimenting the client or customer. It therefore, should have some information about the person or company. Generally, online printing of compliment slips involves putting name of the person, company, with a brief info about designation, address etc on it. These are not formal letters, therefore, any official or other information pertaining to future legalities should not be written on them. These cannot replace formal letters, and hence should not be written for that purpose. Being for informal communication only, compliment slips are used up to limits where there is a need for only maintaining communication and cordial relationship with the clients.

We only print quality compliment slips to ensure your company is shown in the best possible light. We are based in Hornchurch which is in Essex but we offer a Nationwide service.


Letterheads help to establish a company鈥檚 name in business market launching it as an independent organization. Most of the official correspondence of any company is done on letterheads whether it is a request for items ,receipts, bills, or any other miscellaneous letter or line of communication.

It establishes a brand awareness that leads to publicity and attention. Now days, full colour letterhead designing is very popular as it not only adds color to the letterhead but also makes it more attractive and entices people to read whatever is written on it.

There are so many variations of letterhead designs that to list them would be a difficult process. We would advise for anything you need designing in relation to business stationery to give us a call and discuss your brief.

We only print quality letterheads to ensure your company is shown in the best possible light. Whether you are looking for letterheads in Hornchurch, or slightly further afield in Romford, Brentwood or Dagenham, Creative Art have your needs well and truly covered.

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